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A Last Will

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A Last Will

Your father is now reaching the age to make a final word to this world.
Always, death is life’s partner.
I want to live the rest of my life, such little time as is left until I have to face the solemn death of a finite life, without regret.
To do so, I must keep pursuing the sound truth, following the principles, so that I can conclude this life proudly with my mind feeling rich and shining truly righteous, clear, and beautiful.
Even if I enter an unconscious and unrecoverable state, I ask you not to use any life supporting devices or treatment.
Emotionally, that will be very difficult to bear.
As such, a decisive moment, losing everything, the self-reliant, independent, and self-respecting mind, the necessities for a human to live, is the same as losing all, and losing the entire character of a person.
Sadly, all creatures with life are destined to see an end.
I want you to understand this deeply. I want my children to live with pride, being the most precious persons and who I have guarded with a strong faith.
I want my children to set the highest priorities, and put the highest value on a self-reliant, independent mind, and self-respect, that will help you live in a very serious and sincere way, as directed by your own innate nature, the mind.
It is my last request in this life. It comes from a profound, everlasting heart and soul to my children.
It is the dignity of the most important and caring mind, which you all have to abide by, promising with the immense love between a father and the children.

The life of this world ends.
And the life of the other world starts.
I am entering into the eternal world of spirit.

5 May 2006
Your father, Kim Chang-In
To my sons and their wives, and my daughters and their husbands