The Kim Chang-In Philosophy of Practice Academy

Kim Chang-In,

President Song Seok-on,
Jeju National University, Republic of Korea

Garak Central Surname Association,
Chairman Kim Ki-Jae

  • Kim Chang-In, Founder

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The Kim Chang-In Practical Philosophy Education Center

Kim Chang-In, Founder

Born in 1929 in Jeju, Korea

Having lived in an environment in which he was confronted with the harshness of nature, above all else Chairman Kim Chang-In made it a daily practice to show gratitude to the great nature of heaven and earth and cherish his ancestors. At the age of 16, he lost his beloved mother and moved to Japan alone. Through his actual experience of overcoming various hardships and sufferings, he learned the perseverance needed to survive on his own.

While striving to achieve success in business as an entrepreneur, he was diagnosed with a serious illness in his thirties. As he resolved himself to death and after much soul-searching, he wrote his last will and testament to his six children about his family and how to live as a human being. After battling illness and fortunately escaping death, he wrote Kokoro in 1977 and A Path for Man in 1981. As a father and a human being, he pursued the truth based on principles and put it into practice, and Kim Chang-In’s Practical Philosophy was thus born.

Laying the foundation for peace for the next generation

Industrialization has brought material prosperity to our modern society. However, the benefits of civilization have changed human beings, disturbed the human mind, and destroyed their abilities to think. It is truly anxiety, mental breakdown, and loneliness that dominate modern society. When we look back on this era in which material things (money, things, information) are flourishing and human minds are being disturbed and destroyed, it is important to restore sincerity among parents, siblings and family members—i.e. the idea that the principle of sincerity is rooted and centered in the mind.

“A mind respecting the logic of the great nature of heaven and earth”

“A mind pure of any taint respectful of the ancestors”

Gratitude based on these principles is the most important thing, and true love means to convey the harshness of life to our families and children with all our heart.

Peace does not come by chance, but through hard work and a sincere heart that always respects peace the most.

When there are many people who possess a true heart that is devoted to the purity of impartiality, then we can most earnestly build a solid peace.

  • President Song Seok-on, Jeju National University, Republic of Korea

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Editor’s Preface

Coordinates for life for the youth of our time who need hopes and dreams

In the 21st century, material affluence and growing demands for individual rights have caused people to pursue the material values of life, and society has been plagued by rampant mammonism which features several negative aspects, including confusion about values.

Under these circumstances, Chairman Kim Chang-In’s Practical Philosophy resonates with contemporary people, as it advises them to be wary of mammonism, where relationships are based on benefits and losses or worldly desires, and suggests alternative attitudes to address current issues.

The underlying thoughts of Chairman Kim Chang-In’s Practical Philosophy encompass representative Eastern ideas focusing on “heaven and earth,” “ancestors,” “the worship of heaven,” “virtue and vice,” “introspection,” “practice” and “divine retribution.” Depending on the specific principles, his philosophy bears a parallel to Buddhism, Confucianism and other methods of instruction adopted for tertiary education.

Decisively, however, Chairman Kim-In’s Practical Philosophy is differentiated in that he doesn’t just communicate his ideas. From the outset, Chairman Kim sincerely developed his philosophy based on repeated practice and action. Indeed, Chairman Kim’s pursuit and realization of the truth, with solid underlying principles, is based on his experiences, where he strictly fulfilled the practice of his theories in all matters.

“Practice” is the core of Chairman Kim Chang-In’s Practical Philosophy. Chairman Kim emphasizes that practice is the only discipline that leads to the realization of the truth and no other theories can outdo the power of practice. Explaining that “practice” in his philosophy specifically refers to insightful and genuine endeavors, he suggests that prayer and determination are crucial in the process of making such endeavors.

Advocating “self-reliance” and “self-respect,” Chairman Kim established Practical Philosophy by realizing the truth after years of in-depth consideration and practicing how to address his inner space, which governs his soul and spirit. He is firmly determined that it is his mission to widely disseminate his Practical Philosophy to the youth.

In respect for his determination, Jeju National University opened the Research Institute of Chairman Kim Chang-In’s Practical Philosophy in 2013. The institute has since conducted research on the academic values of his Practical Philosophy , and his great contributions to local advancement. The institute has also run educational programs for the young generation, with the goal of achieving a broad application and practice of the philosophy.

The contemporary youth in Korea are called the “give-up” generation because they are forced to give up many essential things in their lives, including having a relationship, getting married, being employed and having hopes. In publishing the 2nd edition of Chairman Kim Chang-In’s Practical Philosophy, I’d like to take the initiative in assisting young people, including the give-up generation, to regain their hopes and dreams, while broadly disseminating the helpful philosophy that could serve as the coordinates for life for the youth of our time.

In honor of Chairman Kim Chang-In’s Practical Philosophy, Jeju National University has established itself as a “university devoted to the basics and fully preparing students for the future” and has made strenuous efforts to nurture “‘glocal’ leaders who are open for communication with others, make challenges without fear, and embrace differences”.

I am confident and hopeful that Chairman Kim Chang-In will highly appreciate Jeju National University’s educational philosophy and concept of talent and continue to provide full support.

Chairman Kim, congratulations on the publication of the 2nd edition of Chairman Kim Chang-In’s Practical Philosophy. I wish you happiness and success in your life.

Song Seok-eon, President of Jeju National University

  • Garak Central Surname Association, Chairman Kim Ki-Jae

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Editor’s Preface

Transmitting Practical Philosophy, created based on experience, to offspring

Kim Chang-In, now aged 80, is an iconic Korean expatriate who overcame all sorts of hardships and torment with his invincible spirit, and who finally achieved great success in a foreign country despite rampant prejudice and discrimination. Because Kim utilized his experience of extreme ups and downs in life into his own principles of living and Practical Philosophy, contemporary people will be deeply
moved by his ideas and thoughts and feel sympathy for them.
Kim emigrated to Japan alone at the age of 16. He has since cultivated his mind by respectfully bowing three times to the east for heaven, earth and his ancestors every day at dawn. He also learned from the trees that stand against frost and windstorms how to keep his mind imperturbable and consistent, and to practice self-restraint. Kim reflects that in his life, he has never given up his hopes and dreams, striving to achieve them with his strong willpower. He persuasively asserts that anyone who wishes to succeed should believe in his or her infinite potential. He also emphasizes in his philosophy that it is essential to be fully prepared to take on challenges at all times. In order to do so, you must be a pioneer who takes the road not taken, and always keep in mind that you are the main character in your world.
As a renowned and successful entrepreneur, Kim criticizes modern society, which has been predominated by materialism and egoism. To address contemporary issues, he insists that social leaders take the lead in building a peaceful world through the restoration of respect for life and human nature.
Kim stresses that ancestor worship and love-based kinship are the moral basics of humanity. Over the past years, he has donated a total of 21.4 billion won to Jeju National University and 3.5 billion won to the Central Association of Garak-Rooted Families for the cultivation of young talent and the education of the young generations.
As an exemplary figure who has fulfilled the corporate responsibility of entrepreneurs and the moral duties of the older generation, Kim opened the Kim Chang-In Practical Philosophy Education Center in the Garak-Rooted Families Hall, where he has helped educate the offspring of the Garak-rooted families to become the leaders who will bring a bright future to our nation.
I express my deepest respect for the generous philosopher who always spares no effort to help others. It is my greatest wish that the Republic of Korea will prosper and that we can achieve lasting peace, just as he has sincerely desired.

Kim Gi-jae, President of the Central Association of Garak-Rooted Families