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A Path for Man

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◎One must be aware, most importantly with a right mind, of the fact that a principle is the sublime, high and noble providence and heaven’s decree.

The nature of the human mind can never be used for conflict, hatred, or jealousy, or to cheat or perpetrate a fraud on people with an evil intention, absolutely not.
Heaven’s punishment will be served absolutely, 10,000% to be sure.

“The net of heaven is coarsely woven, but it lets nothing through”

Such crimes will be punishable by ten thousand deaths.
The mind in awe of heaven and earth is the mind which is most needed.
The logic of heaven and earth is the great rule to strictly govern one’s heart and soul.
The mind, from its nature, should be used rightly, with truth, virtue, clarity, and beauty.

The grave sins, destructive crimes, immoral behavior in disobedience and standing against the way to destruction, and the way to heaven’s punishment.

The principles and rules, the law of cause and effect, the logic of heaven and earth.

The self-earned punishment because of one’s own misdeeds that is heaven’s punishment will be served with 10,000% certainty.
One can never escape it. In a lifetime and forever.

The mind, from its nature, should be used rightly, with truth, virtue, clarity, and beauty; the mind that creates peace, happiness, and prosperity.

The precious, the most dignified mind is a shining precious stone and treasured asset. The mind is a treasure-house that generates good fortune and is the source of an incomparably great and precious treasure.