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The Foundation of Peace
for Our Home

◎ Respect ancestors after one’s mind is purified.

◎ A family comes after one’s mind is purified.

◎ The parent-child relationship stands right after one’s mind is purified.

◎ Siblings stay together after one’s mind is purified.

◎ Offspring are to be brought up after one’s mind is purified.

Leading to good luck is the righteous way of thinking, the width of the frame where the mind can inhabit for
self-reliance, and affluence of the mind.
The serving mind with deep care for all members of a family is indeed the mind for peace.

It is from only one essence, the way to use the mind rightly, that the destiny from the practice of self-reliance is determined.

If the mind changes, the behaviors also change. If the behaviors change, then the destiny is changed.

There is nothing except self-reliance to save the destiny of oneself.
Where there are no hopes or goals, there is never good luck or progress or advancement or attainment.

We should not make the dignity of life vain and poor.

The heavens will not turn a blind eye to a person who is self-centered, selfish or has a mind of jealousy and greed, is deceitful or tells a lie, with a twisted mind, to parents and siblings.

Such a person will receive heaven’s punishment, surely and absolutely.
The net of heaven is coarsely woven, but it lets nothing through.

Such a sin will be punishable by ten thousand deaths.
Use the mind for peace.