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The Principles of Peace

The principle of sincerity is rooted and centered in the mind. It accompanies wholeheartedness, honesty, and devotion. The principle of sincerity engenders the affluence of peace in the mind’s conscience. Indeed, it is the family of the heart fully filled with the pure and proud minds of the parents and siblings.

The obvious thing and our most important obligation is to pursue and seek to find the right conscience in human society, a conscience that is the most honorable, a respectable one, one that cannot be argued.

◎ A family is a rigorous arena of tough struggles where the truism of family is shared and conveyed to foster the conscience.
◎ The deed of practicing obligations and duties, while not demanding rights in return, is the very root where conscience is germinated.
◎ The principle of sincerity engenders all purified peace.


Materialism that is centered on material greed, accompanying the interest of individuals, always breeds a confrontation to deal with mindless ambitions.
This is the very behavior of a coward, and is no different from choosing to be a stranger.

◎ A person who speaks ill and has a perverse view about others’ wealth and richness, is the one who is poor, both mentally and materialistically.
◎ The act of a one-sided claim for rights, while ignoring the duties that accompany, is the behavior of a mindless person.
◎ Materialism engenders conflict and disputes.

Use one’s mind in the spirit of truth, virtue, clarity, and beauty, truthfully and rightly, in order to create and keep peace, happiness, and prosperity.
That is providence and heaven’s decree for which one should make pledges to heaven and earth.

A message cited from “A Path for Man,” 2 January 1981