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A Last Will

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This is what I, your father, have thought.
One must ask oneself to find out what are the noblest and most precious things in this world; they are neither the tangible, visible material things nor money.
One must open the mind to learn and know them on one’s own initiative.
One must have a clear and sound understanding of them.
That is:
Only then can a person firmly bring forth the peace of the human world, the happiness of the human world, and the prosperity of the human world, after one possesses the exclusive privilege of mankind, a true heart built on a clean mind, beautiful mind, and healthy mind.

This is what I have thought.
My loving wife, the single person whom I trust the most, endlessly from the bottom of my heart, and who has truly and rightly understood me for all matters in this world; a beloved mother who you love most of all for her kind, warm, clean, beautiful, and pure mind: forgive me and heaven’s will, the uncontrollable and invincible power that I cannot be there and protect her until the final moment of time.

Your mother has now become a solitary and lonely person.
My children, you are the only people to whom your mother can lean and cry on in this world.
This is what I think now.
Your mother is a wise mother and a good wife, who loves and is devoted to her family.
Her unrivaled love for the family cannot be challenged by anyone else.
I truly love her.
I ask you to take good care of your mother who is left alone, a lonesome and lonely person.
I am truly grateful for the indescribably large and many favors in my lifetime.

I will never meet you again in this world.
I, as your father, give this with
a profound, everlasting, and genuine mind.
Thank you, all.
5 May 2006
Your father, Kim Chang-In
To my sons and their wives, and my daughters and their husbands