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A Last Will

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Providence and Heaven’s Decree
(Origin of Fate)

I, Kim Chang-In, am determined to dedicate my Practical Philosophy to the world.
All of the possessions of my company, including its land, buildings and savings, were solemnly endowed from our heavenly ancestors who generously provided their guidance to assist in achieving this fortune.
The company’s assets are precious public facilities granted from our heavenly ancestors, not the private belongings of an individual person.
All of us should make sure to clearly recognize and remember this.
Origin of Fate
A person’s fate is not the result of some coincidence, but is created and cultivated due to the sincere effort that he or she has made.
Therefore, your present state is the result of your fate that you created and cultivated for yourself.
Principle of Impartiality, Sternness and Adherence

◎ Your sincere adherence to rewarding the grateful blessings from your heavenly ancestors is the only source that can brighten your fate with the most splendid light.
◎ You must never destroy your dignified and precious fate by pursuing materialism or mammonism, as your fate directly connects you to your heavenly ancestors.
You must never conduct any act that could hinder your fate.
You should limit the scope of your wealth to the extent that it will not have a bad influence on your fate.
◎ In this document, I solemnly vow to dedicate to the world all of the possessions of my company, including its land, buildings and savings, through the Kim Chang-In Practical Philosophy Education Center.

2 May 2018
Your father, Kim Chang-In
To my sons and their wives, and my daughters and their husbands

Dissemination of Kim Chang-In’s Practical Philosophy