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A Last Will

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Providence and Heaven’s Decree
(Task for Lasting Peace)

I, Kim Chang-In, established my Practical Philosophy to enrich my mind and achieve peace that can last 100 years.
I have kept this task in mind these past years and practiced it willingly and consistently.
By sincerely pursuing only the path towards the truth,
by establishing an imperturbable state of mind, and by practicing and verifying my Practical Philosophy throughout life, I am destined to have fulfilled the aforementioned task
when I turn 101 on November 16, 2030.
And, at the age of 101,
I will have finally attained the state of selflessness.
Working to fulfill the heavenly demand with my utmost sincerity, in this world towards the eternity of my heart and soul.

1 January 2017
Your father, Kim Chang-In
To my sons and their wives, and my daughters and their husbands

Dissemination of Kim Chang-In’s Practical Philosophy