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A Grateful Mind for the Ancestors

Although we are deeply indebted to the mercy of our ancestors, we often forget about it. But our ancestors never forget to guide us to the right path.
We want to repay our debts to our ancestors but there is no way to do so. The only other choice is to be always grateful to them, earnestly and from the bottom of the heart.

The most important thing is to humbly and deeply appreciate the guidance of our ancestors for the successful achievement of a goal, not from being a weak person who is lopsidedly dependent on the ancestors and relying upon others, but as a person who constantly uses the power of self-reliance and repeatedly surpasses others in every matter.
It is also important to have a mindset to be always grateful for our ancestors, with a strong belief that they are carefully judging the time to help us with superior guidance, while blaming ourselves for insufficient effort when an intended goal is not achieved.
On the occasion of a failed goal, we have to employ our mind and immediately look back, to judge whether what we have done was right, and in compliance with the basics.
We have to be cool-headed, and ask our own heart, deeply and sincerely.

The right judgment solution mysteriously emerges right from it.

At this moment, one can finally enjoy the pleasure that comes from awareness of the basics.

We strongly believe that only a person who properly understands that having this attitude of the mind for the ancestors, as aforementioned, has the basis with which to benefit from the correct guidance of the ancestors. We also have a strong belief, that it is a moral principle for a person who knows the right way to honor and revere the ancestors.