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This wonderful existence of siblings, is the eternal reason and cause taught by the heavens, but something that cannot be shared with outsiders.
I, as your father, think that this is the very pledge of endless love.

In this world, when we share our own mind, rejoice together, and comfort and care for each other, that must be the cornerstone to build a wonderful mind that will last eternally in our own minds.
I think that such things are a form of positive encouragement that relieves only us, and is the foundation of a wonderful mind.

The great foundation is the task to find and know what are the priorities to build, maintain, and forge a better relationship between and among siblings in our everyday lives.
To accomplish the task, we need to move forward, step by step, carrying it with us through our entire lives, to accomplish our tasks.

This fundamental way of thinking is one that all humans have originally, and a great notion that works in every matter.
The person who can achieve harmony and peace in a family, is the number one candidate who is ready to join the adult community.

I, as your father, bring my hands together to pray to heaven and earth for my children to become proud siblings in today’s society.

This writing is all based on the great premise that you should love your heart first, in every moment of life, and you should not make your heart unhappy.

We are the existence and creation of the wonderful power and salvation of God in every manner.

This lifetime compilation is for you all, and what I want to give you as your father.

A day that shall never return in this lifetime, the day for celebration of your father’s birthday and wedding anniversary

5 January 1977, the day blessed by all of you