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The Basics of Happiness

I think that having siblings is a very wonderful thing.
They are not a thing that can exist simply because one wants them.
I do not have any experience or actual sense of having siblings.
The reason why I, as your father, write this to you is because I truly miss this feeling and envy you for having siblings.

During my time in this world, I have been taught a number of lessons regarding all kinds of aspects of the emotions.
From my learnings, I have come to believe that it is precisely right that the very first basics of life are harmony and peace among close family members.

History also proves that my understanding is right.
It is well demonstrated in the families of any of the historic heroes.

You have shared indescribably many memories with your siblings, from the moment of birth until today, eating and sleeping together under the same roof.
All of the family history is imprinted and will always remain in our memories.
It is the wonderfulness of being blood-sharing siblings in one family.

After time passes, siblings grow up to become adults, departing from their parents, to become members of the community.
Although this is proof of the successful growth of the children, and the family and siblings share the joy, the feeling of loneliness from the loss makes the heart cry hard.

In the long journey of life, where each one of you pays attention to building your own castle, you siblings can share what you think and how you feel.
Whenever you encounter a moment of deep grief or painful feelings, loneliness, or joyful events, candidly let your mood and feelings be known to each other.