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Winning oneself is winning all and everything.
The expression ‘winning’ may be misleading, but every win is accomplished through due efforts.
It is pursuing one’s advancement and the highest potential that one can achieve, and one’s highest power, which I think is the very worth of living a life.

The important things are: first, the spirit of carrying out the words that have been spoken, and secondly, making a confirmation of one’s ability, in other words, continuously checking and testing one’s power of self-reliance.

They are the meanings in the life of our mind and our birth in this world.
By pursuing such notions and practicing them, one can feel the real sense of living this mortal life, meaningfully, and for the first time.

Aim and struggle to be fair and righteous, without untruth, and make sure that your actions are in accord with your words, in every matter, whether it is regarding study, skills, or work.
It is what I believe to be the way of a person living life with a wonderful mind, superior to anyone else, and the genuine and individual way that makes a person stronger. There will be no exceptions.

Rather than choosing the faulty honor that causes trouble to others, one must win in the bitter struggles and tussles with one’s innate mind, relying on one’s own self-reliance, and exerting the utmost effort for the practice of perseverance, and most importantly, doing this without causing any trouble to others.

The pleasure from winning is the life of one’s mind. One may encounter a number of difficulties that cannot even be described in writing or in spoken words, to finally arrive at the end of the path.

Indescribably painful sufferings, grief, and joy beyond expression, I believe, that getting to know all types of human emotions and sentiments by actually experiencing them, while living in this world, is the most precious learning for a person who is born to this world.