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A Siblings’ Oath to Stake One’s Life Upon

All types of gambling, such as a cycle racing, horse racing, gambling, taking drugs, alcoholism, stocks and foreign exchanges, must be absolutely prohibited.

A dreamer for a bonanza strike is one who voluntarily makes themselves unhappy.

Those who cannot abide by the prohibitions in our society, do not stop at just completely destroying only themselves, but force all of their siblings and relatives to become involved in the total destruction.
We have seen endless cases of such great tragedies, which happen right in front of our eyes, through television or the newspapers.

That is why we can never tolerate it, even if it is one of our siblings, who crosses over the line of the sworn oath to keep away from such prohibitions.

Such an action is a truly untrustworthy and grave affair that can never be accepted or tolerated.
Because such behavior comes from self-indulgence and a vain curiosity for self-complacency, while completely ignoring the whole family, we can never tolerate such a person.

If we have confidence and pride that the love for the siblings in our family is much stronger and deeper than any others in this society where we maintain our existence, it is truly righteous never to tolerate such behavior, and the person who breaks the oath. But, unfortunately, if it happens, it is of utmost importance not to accept and tolerate this, until the person rises up on their own will power, even if it will cause the fracturing of the relationship.

I assure you that this is the only way to help the person truly and caring for his or her future, and thus is proof of outstanding and devoted love for our siblings.