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A Truthful Mind with Eyes Open to the World

As one person among the world’s six billion, seven hundred million people, I believe that it is most necessary and important that each and every person in this wide and boundless world have an open mind that is firmly aware and endlessly keeps watching for the solid truth through their own truthful eyes, earnestly and sincerely.
When we look around the wide and boundless world, there is a harsh reality that catches our attention.
Many people are deprived of freedom and undergoing poverty, distress, and tribulation.
Others are dragged into war and suffer as victims from painful misery.
They are not someone else’s problem.
◎ It is the true mind that treats us and them in the same manner.
Sincerely and earnestly, we always have to think deeply from the mind.
What I think when looking around this wide and boundless world, as a person living in a peaceful nation, is an overwhelming and mind-piercing feeling about the nobility of freedom and equality.
This instantly makes my heart once again filled with feelings of appreciation, the indescribably grateful mind, for our bounteous and affluent circumstances.

A True Heart Devoted for Peace

Peace in the place of conflict. Love in the place of hatred.
Unity in the place of disunion. Truth in the place of misconduct.
Trust in the place of doubt. Hope in the place of hopelessness.
◎ There is nothing nobler than peace in the world.
◎ There is nothing happier than peace in the world.
All our dreams and hopes, peace, prosperity, and pleasure can be accomplished because we have the very peace necessary for the affluence of mind; and our wishes and desires are also accomplished too.
As if there is no darkness where the moon sheds its light, peace will definitely exist in the place where there is love and truthful minds.
Peace does not come to you by coincidence. Peace comes and stays in a true heart that has an utmost respect for peace, and where peace is desperately sought.
When there are many people who possess a true heart that is devoted to the purity of impartiality, a true, earnest and firm peace can be constructed in the most proper way.


Dissemination of Kim Chang-In’s Practical Philosophy