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(Always have a pure heart and soul)
The Way to Heaven
With regard to the entire content of Chairman Kim Chang-In’s Philosophy of Practice, we will apply a practice that can be more deeply inscribed on our minds and spirits.
With a strong conviction and a never-turning-back and resolute determination to realize the spirit of taking only one way to the truth.
With the unyielding constant and imperturbable state of mind and soul that will never, absolutely not, be changed eternally and immutably in one’s life.
(Peace, happiness, and prosperity) (Learn from the trees)
With devotion throughout one’s entire life with one’s mind.
One should make the pledges genuine and practice them justly and rigorously.
Heaven’s Punishment
Reason cannot sufficiently control desire, and as a result has produced a modern society that is overrun with unlimited desires. The world of desire results in an unbearable and limitless despair throughout this world, left behind in misery by the endless struggles.
The path to destruction and despair in which there is no future for this life begins in selfish desires, in which lies are told, people are betrayed, promises are broken, and we become utterly controlled by self-centered and limitless minds beset by desire, possessiveness, greed, the lust for wealth, the lust for fame, and the lust for power.
This is 10,000% sure.
When the mind and spirit have become so corrupted, there will be absolutely no expectation of mercy from heaven and earth for even an instant.
When facing heaven and earth with deeply and profoundly immoral sins, one will receive the self-earned punishment because of one’s own misdeeds that is heaven’s punishment, owing to the logic of the great nature of heaven and earth, the principles and rules, and the law of cause and effect.
Heaven and earth clearly discern each moment of every action of our entire minds and bodies, and we must admonish ourselves and perform self-reflection with regard to these profound sins that are being witnessed so clearly. At the same time, our mindfulness of our fear of heaven’s punishment must be precisely and deeply inscribed on our minds and spirits so that we might know how precious it is to truly give one’s mind over and truly be repentant.
We must admonish ourselves, question ourselves, and answer for ourselves.
The Way to Heaven
A mind of truth, virtue, clarity and beauty; such a mind will be on the only path of eternity, of certain pride of which there is none higher, leading certainly to peace, good fortune, and the creation of prosperity through the mindsets of truth, the notion that the self and the other are both of one reality, altruism, impartiality, service, co-existence and co-prosperity, and striving for enlightenment. This is 10,000% sure.

Lead and Show an Exemplar; Strictly Enforced
Dissemination of Kim Chang-In’s Practical Philosophy