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Philosophy of Practice

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Doctrines for the Bright Future of Your Life

The sun rise today, too.
Stand toward the morning sun.

◎ As such, you should make respectful bows to your heavenly ancestors every morning and express your gratitude to them for guiding you to a desirable state of mind.
Returning their blessings by expressing your heartfelt gratitude is the only origin of peace, happiness and prosperity.

◎ Peace, happiness, and prosperity are never too far to reach, but exist at the core of your sound, healthy spirit.
They can be achieved when you seek a flawless, innocent state of mind.

◎ A more productive peace, happiness, and prosperity can be achieved when you follow Heaven’s Will to keep your mind sincere, virtuous, flawless and beautiful, while cultivating it to pursue integrity and righteousness.
Therefore, you should voluntarily open your mind and be strict about yourself, trying to deepen your thoughts and understandings.
You should make every effort with your whole soul and might to learn the lessons of life.

◎ Your mind is the only precious jewel that can brighten your fate with the most splendid light.

◎ Strive for 10,000% peace, happiness, and prosperity.

Dissemination of Kim Chang-In’s Practical Philosophy