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(Cultivate the heart and soul)
A path to truth  A path to eternity  A path to virtue

• The most respectful mind for heaven and earth. The utmost fearful mind of heaven and earth.
• The most important thing is to have the most fearful mind of heaven’s punishment and the belief that heaven and earth is watching one now.
• “With one mind unconfused” “With one mind for independence” “Forethought brings happiness”
• Heaven helps those who help themselves. / An unforgettable and grateful mind for this moment.
• When the mind is used for truth, virtue, clarity, and beauty; if they are pursued to the extreme state, and the mind’s ability is further trained, the mind creates peace, happiness, and prosperity.
The mind is a precious treasure.
• Firmly adhere.
• I definitely adhere to and am aware of self-reliant, independent, and self-respecting mind.
• When one has a righteous, clear, and beautiful mind, heaven and earth surely guides one to peace, happiness, and prosperity. This is 10,000% undoubtedly true.

The principles and rules / The law of cause and effect /
The logic of heaven and earth / Heaven’s punishment can never be avoided.
A mind that always considers heaven’s punishment is a precious treasure.

A pathto crimes  A path to heaven’s punishment  A path to destruction

• The mind is to be used for truth, virtue, clarity, and beauty. It is not allowed to defile the mind or tarnish it with evil by using the mind for the way of sinful, malignant, and immoral matters.
• Such use of the mind will be strictly punished by the retributive consequences of the law of cause and effect.
• A mind for destruction is without a chance to be rescued. All matters have consequences that arise from the causes.
• A person who has not been completely awakened or is completely devoid of self-reliance, independence, and
• Money worshippers are those who are drawn to dependency on a power which originates from others and a personal interest and greed, misers, those who sacrifice all for money, slaves to money, those who wallow in money.
• A person who nonchalantly betrays others is a destroyer who creates conflict, hatred, and unhappiness.
• Learning without pursing truth is completely useless.
• A compromise which has drifted due to the current of the times and become dominated by changes even to the heart and essence is the enemy of truth.
• Heaven’s punishment under the law of cause and effect and the logic of heaven and earth is indifferently served directly to the life and the destiny of one’s self-mind; it surely will turn its course right toward you without forgiveness.
• Heaven’s punishment will be served absolutely, 10,000% to be sure.
• This is exactly the self-earned retribution from the cause.

An affluent mind in life is tranquility of mind and peace of mind.
Dissemination of Kim Chang-In’s Practical Philosophy