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A Mind that Bequeaths a Philosophy of Practice and a Philosophy of Heart and Soul in Writing

The average life span of men in Japan is seventy-eight years.
Your father has also reached that age to leave this world for good.
Death is always the partner of life.
The way to make life more truthful, righteous, clear, beautiful and illuminate the future, is to think about the remaining time, deeply and sincerely, to face and think about death.
We are in the year 2007. What I must not forget to leave you is that I deeply appreciated the opportunity to be able to leave the profound philosophy of practice and the philosophy of heart and soul that will be deeply engraved in the soul of your innate nature, and not be erased or leave you, and not be forgotten.
One must know that leading life with a rich mind to reach the state of attainment comes more from the invisible things, rather than the visible things. One should ask oneself, what are such things, and think deeply, with an open mind. They will be learned from painful ponderings.
The attainment must come from a hardworking soul.
The essential message that
“My national identity comes from heaven and earth”
is the only way to lead to the humanism that exists in the generosity of the spirit of coexistence and co-prosperity.
This is the best way to rightly lead and for many people to become aware of peace, happiness, and prosperity in this human society.
It is about learning many things with the mind opened to the wide and boundless world.
It is about learning many things, through the inestimable and boundless mind, in this human world.
The catastrophic events and the endless series of changes that take place in the great universe of nature, change from one minute to the next.
All kinds of happenings of the human world, cannot be easily described just with pen and paper.
I clearly learned with an open mind, and I am surely aware of, through deep and long meditation with my soul, the deeply imprinted countless memories of anguished sufferings from numerous and indescribable hardships, and unbearable and arduous distress. With an open mind, I clearly learned much from them and with my soul, I am certainly and deeply learned and awakened.
I am deeply grateful for the noble heaven and earth and the ancestors, for letting me have the opportunity to live in this world.
I also learned many valuable and precious things from you. I am deeply grateful for you, my children.

This world has been genuinely peaceful. Mine was a life, fully blessed, for a good fate.
16 November 2007
Your father, Kim Chang-In
To my sons their wives, and my daughters and their husbands

Dissemination of Kim Chang-In’s Pratical Philosophy