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Providence and Heaven’s Decree

Devoted to the One Way to the Truth

Immoral behavior against heaven and earth, will surely come to face heaven’s punishment; the inevitable law of cause and effect, and its corresponding retribution for one’s actions will definitely be seen to the end.

When the logic of heaven and earth is violated, heaven’s punishment surely exists.

Heaven’s punishment will be served absolutely, 10,000% to be sure.

Each and every person should make a solid imprint of this fact deeply in the mind and engraved on the heart and soul.

“Spilt water will not return to the tray.” You reap what you sow.

One will be destined to be absolutely unable to return to the point where one originally started.
This rigorous law of cause and effect, its corresponding retribution for one’s actions, can never be escapable, absolutely and forever.

A path to truth / A path to eternity / A path to virtue

Dealing with heaven and earth /
The gains from heaven and earth are as solid as rock

• Heaven helps those who help themselves.

• The one Chinese character, 忍, pronounced as “nin” meaning, endurance, forbearance, patience, and self-restraint is the door to all marvels of Laozi’s Dao De Jing.

• A constant and imperturbable state of mind, the deep and everlasting guidance from heaven and earth is the utmost state of mind.

• The savior of life, the noble spirit of taking only one way to the truth, is the most genuine way of proper conduct in heaven and earth.

• Heaven’s mercy, earth’s mercy, mercy from ancestors, mercy from parents, mercy from the world.

• The good many mercies and blessings are never forgotten.

I offer my earnest heart to be always grateful of them.

• I have undoubtedly learned the fact that a human being lives not with one’s body and material.

• I reached a complete awareness of the fact that a human being lives with the inner being, the heart and soul.

A path to crimes /A path to heaven’s punishment /A path to destruction

Not dealing with a person / The gains from people are fragile

• A change of mind and change of quality to mean that faithfulness ceases fundamentally, changing even its essence, the fool of money, a slave of money, a money worshiper infatuated with money.

• Swept by the trend of a generation and becoming senseless.

• A destroyer yielding conflict, hatred, and unhappiness.

• An egoist who thinks nothing of betraying others.

• The inhuman and malicious intent of intriguing greed and avarice for one’s own interest.

• The money world makes heartless humans. This fills the human universe with sadness.

• The money world starts and ends with mindless people.

• The money world is full of the endless concerns about the fact that the only product of numerous unending conflicts is boundless and never-ending misery.

To live life by adhering to the principles and rules, the law of cause and effect, and the logic of heaven and earth in the most right way, one must have the mind to fear heaven and earth the most.

One must become a person capable of judging one’s innate nature, oneself more righteously, more strictly, more justly, and more rigorously.

It is the same for a business enterprise, as well as for human life.

In all matters, one must lead and show an exemplar with undivided attention and giving one’s soul.

The way we have walked through. The way our company has come through.

The principles and rules, the law of cause and effect, and the logic of heaven and earth, these are the unrivalled and genuine way to practice true striving by taking only one way to find truth.

Dissemination of Kim Chang-In’s Practical Philosophy